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became agitated when asked on the specifics of his and Diem's relationship, Diem remained cool.

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was kicked off of The Duel in the beginning of the season after a brutal fight with Adam (over Diem), Diem showed concern for his well-being as they rehashed the incident in the reunion. and Diem explained their care for one another despite not being in a relationship. As for Diem, she is currently battling cancer again after doctors found tumors in her colon and stomach lining.

On The Reunion episode for The Duel II, Diem explained that she still deeply cared for C. despite their break up and that she cited herself as being "career driven" and not wanting to commit to anything until she had achieved her career goals. She also mentioned that at one point, she actually saw herself marrying him. asked Diem to remove her wig mirroring the way she removed her bandana the first time they kissed on The Duel, and the two shared another intimate moment that ended in a kiss. On June 30, Diem tweeted a Huffington Post article entitled, "Love, Hair Loss, and MTV: The Anti-Love Story Every Cancer Survivor Needs," which paralleled the "anti-love story" and subsequent breakup of the writer and her ex-boyfriend with Diem and C.The world is mourning the loss of reality TV star Diem Brown.Her romance with CT smashed stereotypes and made room for an inspirational connection rarely seen on TV. When I first met CT on MTV’s , he seemed like a lughead. There was no way I was going to let his piercing blue eyes do a number on me."Darrell [Taylor] can attest to this: Me and him are the old men on the show—all we did was trade baby pictures with each other," he says. I had my ups and downs through my 20s, and I'm here now still sharing my life on TV."I became a father and perspective changes.""I felt OK to come on this show in the very beginning, in this new chapter of my life. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise; I'm so grateful and I'm so happy.

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