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If the auto-generated name for the introduced parameter is not exactly what you want, simply edit the name right in the refactoring dialog, along with the introduced method name, return type, and visibility.Parameter name hints now work in more places in your code.delivers better support for C# 8.0 and a few updates in Navigation, Find Usages, and the debugger data tips.It also improves startup times and offers initial support for the “Per-Monitor DPI Awareness” mode in VS 2019.

In addition, we’ve introduced new code annotation hints for parameters on a method declaration.

NET Core to help you localize your top-notch web applications in a modern way.

You can make use of Re Sharper’s assistance in ), which gets new Generate actions to generate equality operators, hash function, getter and setter, constructors, and an ability to create a derived class, struct, or interface. To start with, the initial project opening happens much quicker now because only parses non-engine files during the initial indexing, while the engine files are indexed in the background later.

So, all files with “unknown” file extensions were completely out of scope, meaning you could not search in non-code files. Now, while the results from indexed files are being displayed, the engine starts searching in non-indexed text files in the background.

This is very helpful if you store some data in files with different extensions, such as .

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