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Helena's grief was said to be behind her decision to visit the Holy Land.

In about 326 or 327, Helena traveled to Palestine on an official inspection for her son of the construction of churches that he had ordered.

contestant Constantine Maroulis has come to an end, too.

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Her palace in Jerusalem was converted to the Basilica of the Holy Cross.

Her death at -- perhaps -- Trier in 328 or 329 was followed by her burial at a mausoleum near the Basilica of St. Marcellinus near Rome, built on some of the lands which had been granted to Helena before Constantine was emperor.

On that journey, she also is reported to have ordered built a church on the location identified with the burning bush in the story of Moses.

Other relics she is credited with finding on her travels were nails from the crucifixion and a tunic worn by Jesus before his crucifixion.

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