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And then I thought, "Well if she's really [into me] then I'm looking like a jerk." (He laughs) I thought that, perhaps, I needed to take her at face value. She's wildly different then anybody that I've ever let myself get close to. Were you concerned about the age difference?

(Allison Kugel): Congratulations on getting My Fair Brady picked up for another season. How exactly did that happen and when are you going to start filming? In retrospect, I guess that makes sense, because our show was essentially, The War of the Roses.

It was about commitment and all things romantic, and everyone can relate. Christopher Knight: It didn't blindside us It didn't blindside Adrianne, but did it blindside you (to Chris)?

" Christopher Knight: No, not necessarily Adrianne Curry: Yes he does. One can easily assume that I'm a moral Christian or something, from just being on The Brady Bunch.

I know with Adrianne, it's impossible to remain complacent. The first time [she] hadn't completed her development yet. What exactly happened with the first two marriages? Christopher Knight: They were both four year marriages. She was a different person and wanted different things.

Christopher Knight: And this is precisely our problem.

I don't want to have to live through the mistakes that she is wanting to have to make.

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And the same for her I noticed that she lights you up. Christopher Knight: I've been married twice before and I have to say that if there's something in common between those two relationships is that you reach a level of complacency.

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