Christian views on dating and courtship

Join us for another exciting informative episode with Pastor Murphy. How do Sigmund Freud's methods line up with Christianity? Should a Christian ever get counseling from a secular psychologist? What is it that keeps a believer from having assurance of their salvation? What is the Nation of Islam and how is it different from orthodox Islam? Are followers of the Baha'i faith true Christians? How is it that the Pope can mock the creation account in Genesis 2? Why were they so opposed to the Bible being translated into English? David Murphy explains why many of the LDS key doctrines are completely wrong when compared to the One source of Truth. David Murphy discusses the history of the Mormon cult and the role that Joseph Smith played. What do we know about the Mormon cult and what attracts people to join their movement? Enjoy listening to this very informative episode as Pastor Murphy and Brother Erskine explain what the Bible teaches about eternal security. What is the basis of my salvation and why does that matter in our discussion about security? Learn how Islam could very likely change the western world that we live in. What role does the Baha'i faith play in end times prophecy? Does the Bible support the claim that Peter was the first pope? Want to know what the Mormon church teaches about God, creation, man, and salvation? Were satanic spirits involved in the founding of the Mormon cult? Why are we discussing the Seventh-day Adventists as part of this series on cults? How do you determine if a church is teaching truth?

Why does the new definition of tolerance seem like it disproportionately targets Christians? In this episode Pastor Murphy explains what humanism is, its origins, and why it is so important that a Christian be on guard against humanistic teachings. Pastor spends time critiquing a popular study Bible and discussing the character of the individual who compiled and wrote the notes. What tools do I need to successfully study the Bible? What are warning signs you might be drifting toward an affair? What role does friendship and emotion have in the development of an affair? If you are looking for honest and true answers about extramarital affairs, this is the episode for you! David Murphy, a highly trained and experienced counselor shares about this topic that has effected so many marriages. What is the role of government according to the Bible? All of these are questions that Pastor Murphy, an experienced pastor and counselor, answers in this episode. Pastor Murphy begins this episode by using the Bible to answer a listener’s question about what to do if we don’t love the person we are married to. What are the advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment? What kinds of crimes and punishment does Scripture tell us about? Should we rely on government to solve society's problems? Is it ok if a Christian watches pornography with their spouse? How can a Christian be free of a pornography addiction?

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