You will have the backing of fellow mods, some basic training and some guidelines.You may also have some pro-forma response templates to particular situations you’ll come across on the site.No emotion, no getting involved, no becoming embroiled in slanging matches. That’s the same approach a good moderator has, just without the bad haircuts.The same as above, you’re going to be baited and trolled and you have to handle it dispassionately. Trolling is a huge problem and as an authority figure on a forum or website, you’re a prime target.Others want to clean up a toxic hangout to make it better for everyone.Regardless of your motivation to become a mod, you’re going to need to be a particular type of person to make a success of it.You’re going to get called all sorts of names and hear all sorts of threats.

We are going to tell you how to fix the problem on here.It’s #1 in our top 10 best chat sites list for 2015.If you would like to meet with your friends on the site again but if you got connection, you can do our tips to get rid of this error.You will likely know all too well how discussions in chat rooms or on forums can go when people become passionate or opinionated about something.If you have to step in as referee and calm things down, that passion can often be directed at you.

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