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i love bollywood, even though i've seen a lot of terrible movies. I am an animal lover, musician, guitarist, guitar instructor and critical thinker.

I have a degree in Music but have studied Philosophy as well.

Or if you can't decide, then write a variety of foreign women and see what happens.Foreign Ladies is the site where men meet women the world an Internet dating website that connects men the world over with beautiful single foreign women for dating and long-term relationships. and Western Europe there are legions of beautiful sincere foreign women looking for special someone and many thousands from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia have joined our site.I work in a hospital and know that western medicine plays an important role as well. With all of the sunshine here in the SW this was a no-brainer to me. Tall, slim, attractive (of course) vegetarian/vegan male is the short description.In 2013, 2 geo-thermal air conditioning units were added. I'm a city girl at heart and hate country living and music except to visit for a short time. I value intellect, a healthy lifestyle and a good sense of humour and am looking for someone with these qualities.

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  1. Works well , very easy to learn and modify, plenty of people to help if need be. It is complete, well done, relatively easy to learn and setup.