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Kids are cruel and having boys call me "Jolly Green" often enough suggested to me, at the time, that no one shorter than me would be interested in dating me.

After she met my current bf (5'7") she kept talking in a weird way... She kind of kept implying, not outright asking or speculating, that he must be really special since I'm going out with him.

I wonder, how many girls growing up had their mothers teach them that height is super important in relationships.

I also wonder because I have heard mothers IRL tell their daughters, who are dating short men if they are comfortable with him and that they may want to reconsider for someone who is taller and it's kinda sad.

She brought this up for months and I never knew what to tell her ("his dick is huge"? I mean, she obviously likes taller men and maybe she hadn't even considered dating someone shorter, so it came as surprise for her that I went that route. Yeah I wonder how many parents do this sort of thing.

Hell even my parents were a little 'off' let's put it when they saw my 3 inch taller gf 😅.

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