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I am pleased, because I finished (my career) at the Olympic Games very well.

I was very satisfied with my performances, very satisfied with the reaction of the audience and I am finishing on a positive note.

Asked the other day by Chicago Tribune colleague Phil Hersh to comment on Joubert’s recent assertion that not enough men are trying quads, Chan called Joubert a sore loser, graciously sticking up for a teammate. A negative grade of execution can cost up to three points. “It’s worse this season because if you do mistakes, you lose more points than last season,” said Joubert, who did a quad-triple combination Tuesday on the Convention Center practice rink but might not do it today. We have to see, we have to talk with the other skaters, but I think they will change after the Olympic Games.”Hamilton also wondered why the risk was raised for those willing to push their athletic limits.“The scoring system has made it really punitive to miss the quad to the point where even if you’ve got it 90%, that 10% makes you maybe take it out of the program because it’s now become a punitive system,” Hamilton said.

Or, as one Canadian writer put it, “Going hockey on him? That aspect, he said, “is one of the profound weaknesses of the system.

Stephane Lambiel makes Brian Joubert look like a troll who lives under a bridge. About 1/10,000 of the total number of living gay male skaters. Probably a situational relationship while they were doing ice shows in Europe together.

Stephane is genuinely beautiful and easily the best looking male figure skater alive today. Stephan Lambiel, Johnny Weir Stephan Lambiel and Johnny Weir rehearsal. Supposedly, Johnny replied to a question about their relationship by saying essentially they both wanted to be the girl, so they have remained friends.

It’s like taking the Hail Mary pass out of football. But they’re trying to shove everybody in the same pretty box.”Laws said Chan will do a quad next season while building up to the Vancouver Olympics but won’t try one here because Buttle proved two clean programs can win a title.

It’s like you want to be able to give somebody the opportunity to light it up, and the quad does that. Should a skater have to land a quad to win the world or Olympic title? Without battles over quads, we’ll have to settle for verbal dust-ups.“I am not a sore loser,” Joubert said.

“It’s good stuff.” The plot summary: After Canada’s Jeffrey Buttle unseated Joubert at last year’s world championships, the Frenchman said he was disappointed Buttle didn’t try a quad.Brian: I like it a lot, because you are sharing a lot of things.You are sharing many emotions when you are skating, in training and then it is completely different from single skating. THURSDAY* Ice dance, original dance, - p.m.* Men’s free skate, - p.m. First half, a.m.- p.m.; second, - p.m.* Ice dance, free dance, -11 p.m. France’s Brian Joubert, 29, has been one of the most popular skaters ever since he debuted at the European Championships in 2002.

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