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Moreover, after the vote, all three parties joined together in a coalition government in which the President of the SDA party Alija Izetbegovic became the first President of what was supposed to be a collective, rotational Presidency.

Bosnia and Herzegovina's first elections in 1990 exacerbated national tensions that had already been strained by the rise of nationalist leaders in neighbouring republics.

1 Of 109 municipalities 37 had an absolute Muslim (Bosniac) majority, 32 an absolute Serb majority and 13 an absolute Croat majority.

As communism disintegrated and nationalists rose to power in neighbouring republics, Bosnians sought security within their own ethnic group to such an extent that the election results resembled those of an ethnic census.

On the basis of this failure to achieve the required conditions for holding the elections, disenfranchisement, electoral engineering, and the preliminary vote count results, the 14 September elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be considered free and fair as required by the DPA.

Bosnia and Herzegovina was the most ethnically mixed of the six republics making up the Yugoslav state that emerged from the Second World War.

The Bosnian Serbs have never released a comprehensive report on their losses.

3 According to the Office of the High commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the war also caused 60 per cent of the population to flee their homes.

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It would seem that there was a turn-out of over 100%.

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