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There are men out there who are character deficient. If I don't memorize some shallow chit-chat lines, I'm likely to open with "Hi, I'm Larry, lately I've been reading ‘Passionate Marriage', and I'm wrestling with the paradox of self-validation vs.

I'm a marriage counselor, so that fact is no shocker. healthy expression of neediness within the context of strong desire for healthy passion and intimacy...... I'm sorry...can talk about Kierkegaard if you want...." While new to Speed Dating, I am a 6 week veteran of I have learned so much about myself and divorced American females.

But what I was not prepared for was getting, on first dates, "that look." The one that says "Yo dater-boy, you got a ways to go before I trust you enough to even walk around the block with you." I understand. hey, where are you going.....please stop crying.... We all have a profile with photos and a self-description that includes what we're looking for in a partner.

Men have betrayed them, broken promises, hidden their debts, and lied about appreciating sunsets. After a while, many of the "here's me" essays begin to blend into a composite of Americana femalia.

ART DIRECTOR— GEORGE GOLDMAN CIRCULATION — THERESA TORTOSA, Manager 3IC Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant CHICAGO HOLLYWOOD LEE BROOKS HARVEY GELLER 29 E. WINQUIST Kaggeholmsvagen 48, Stockholm -Enskede, Sweden, Tel: 59-46 85 SPAIN FEDERICO HALPERN Sagasta 23, Apartado 4025, Madrid Tel: 257 0907—224 8600 AUSTRALIA RON TUDOR 8 Francis St., Heathmont, Victoria Tel: 87-5677 ARGENTINA MIGUEL SMIRNOFF Rafaela 3978, Buenos Aires, Tel: 69-1538 BRAZIL LUIS DE M. F., Tel: 24-65-57 CANADA JOHN MURPHY 87 North Hill St. Millions of dollars, of course, do not a great work of art make.

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Cedar rapids opera theatre presents two to three operas each season as well as several special events.

On a date, I carried the little book into the restaurant because I could not bear to leave it in my car.This issue of Cash Box contains the complete story of the return of “Mary Poppins.” Special “Mary Poppins” section begins on page 41. J Cosh Box CCC Bernard Tapy Everybody’s singing the praises of the new Johnny Cash single from his album ! Neither do we assume that Holly- wood’s hey-day is returning, but signs — including dollar signs before seven figure numbers — point to more than just a try at seeing if the public is ready to leave their favorite movie houses humming a great new song.Loves A Nut Austin Prison 4-43673 And here’s the way-out Johnny Cash album that started all the excitement... Movie moguls have, no doubt, been egged on by the fantastic global suc- cess of recent musical movies such as “West Side Story,’’ “Mary Poppins’’ (born & bred in Hollywood) and “The Sound of Music.’’ How do you follow acts like these?WELCOME BACK 'MARY POPPINS': She flies through the air with the greatest of ease; she is, of course, “Mary Poppins,” the embodiment of musical merriment in Walt Disney’s now classic film, which next month begins a summer-long return to the screen in more th an 7000 theaters in all major cities. Happy Notes From The Screen Who will sing their way to fame? Once upon a time, the most reli- able success formula (with the excep- tion of the western) in Hollywood was the musical; every plot was predict- able, but who cared when it was the springboard to marvelous song, imagi- native dance?The folks over at Disneyland Records are preparing themselves for a tremendous new response to “Mary Poppins” disk product, including the great soundtrack LP on Buena Vista Records. Copyright © 1966 by The Cash Box Publishing Co., Inc. Today, for better or worse, most people have been condi- tioned to care about plot, so we’re not likely to see movie musicals that are throwbacks to Hollywood’s hey- day.

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That's barely enough time for me to say something stupid, or to allow the perspiration to dry before my sweat glands get their next call to action. For one thing, my default facial expression says "I'm grumpy, leave me alone", so I'll need to practice smiling and looking warm, safe and accessible.

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