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Very happy with how all is well organized and run smoothly. It would take so many wasted hours in online dating before you can talk to 18 people face to face.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Speed Dating is for you.We were the FIRST company in Australia to run Speed Dating and Singles Events and are the ONLY one still running today.We are a family run business and are proud to be operating since 2004.This kind of dating allows you to see if chemistry is present quickly, rather than spending weeks chatting online and committing lots of time to one date. A great way to meet single men, beats online dating any day too!Met over 15 guys & had a chance to chat more in the break too. I felt so relaxed and comfortable meeting new men from all different walks of life. I now have 2 dates and 8 new male potential friends that could have male single friends that I could meet.

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Where else can you meet 15 similarly aged singles over the course of a couple of hours?

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  1. By that logic, it seems that you would also claim that because you have experienced the detrimental impact sin has you would be able to ” easily abstain from all” sin in your life. I recently met someone who was of different believe and stated they couldn’t be in a relationship with me because i don’t believe in physical contact before marriage. It is very insightful and has been very helpful in my efforts to process some convictions I have about dating.