Blind plate dating

If you can match several of them you are definitely red-green colorblind.

Originally I wanted to retrieve more detailed information from the test results.

They work within a budget – and against a clock – each cooking a special meal for a woman they've never met.

The most delicious part is that the bachelors can see and learn about the bachelorette through a video greeting card, while she knows nothing about the men trying to woo her – except for their cooking skills, of course!

If you are suffering from some form of color blindness, you will arrange them quite differently compared to persons with normal color vision.

With this test is not only possible to check the type of your color vision deficiency but also its severity.

Everything should be lined up - evenly and centered with the Hermes name. Hermes uses letters in alphabetical order to date the bags surrounded by a shape. Authentic Hermes hardware, or metal accents on their handbags are usually plated in precious metal.

This test consists of 38 different pseudoisochromatic plates.

This famous color vision test—which is based on 88 colored plates and not 100 as the name suggest—was introduced in 1943 by Farnsworth.

The test will show you four batches of 22 mixed colored plates.

Every Hermes item is handmade and therefore has its own intricacies based on the craftsman and leather. The list shows the year made, and the letter that would be stamped on the bag based on that year.

Each Hermes item will be embossed with the logo stamping in the natural, gold or silver with Hermes Paris logo. At the top of every list is the shape that the letter would be framed inside.

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