Benefits of dating a shorter man

A lot of times, though, this has nothing to do with something personal or is really even founded at all.In fact, there could be some insecurities the has that caused her to set that height preference.For example, Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of former US president, John F.Kennedy married Aristotle Onasis, the shipping magnet. Whether one is tall or short, the question is whether one is attracted to each other for whatever the reason may be.ALSO READ: Sexual Healing: Two reasons younger men experience erectile dysfunction Many women prefer tall, dark and handsome men who make them feel protected leaving short men down the dating chain battling with ‘heightism.’ But could Ida be enjoying benefits we don’t know?Before you write them off turns out there are quite a number of positives for dating shorter men.While I totally understand that short guys don´t have it easy to attract women, however we still have some great advantages of being short.

Here we go with some nice and sweet women who have no issues dating shorter men.If you are one of the people saying: “Tall women will never date a shorter guy or tall women do not find guys shorter than them attractive” you will be proved wrong.Don´t get me wrong, as I wrote in this article Height does matter to girls.In celebration of their one-year wedding anniversary, Collo and his wife penned each other the sweetest messages ever but it is the couple’s photo that stole the show.Shorter than his wife Ida, social media was ablaze with comments of women revealing how they would never date a short man.

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  1. A guy called Don told me he felt more comfortable with Asian guys since more of them wanted something similar (in terms of a relationship), while Caucasian men were either interested in a hookup or seemed much older than him.