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The best way to get off with the whole skin is to say, “you are my idol! To get a reasonable attention from a Russian girl – surprise her with the most common Russian compliment! Anyways, if she is a truly Russian – she must have one, all of them are crazy on the beauty procedures. “You are extremely curious — you have a chance to become a rich woman. ” Say it, even if her nose is far away from the generally accepted Greek profile. If you are not going to concretise your words, eventually she will demand to do so.

Because nothing more than curiosity characterises true genius.” Use this one in case if your woman asks too many questions. Just to find out whether your are trying “to hang some noodles on her ears” or not.

The language, in particular, is the first hurdle you will face.

It can be said, almost every men has his own “pick-up tactics” to get the attention of a woman.I became so good at ripping it off that many people thought I actually spoke Russian, but was just being a jerk! That being said, I mumble constantly and nobody seemed to object to just about any pronunciation."Tak" is a word used to buy time or give the impression you are thinking deeply.There is one typical Russian phrase used when men are putting too much effort into praising a woman, usually when what was said is no longer the truth.It’s called: “to hang noodles on the woman’s ears”.

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