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Sometimes women’s feet swell after delivery, making putting shoes on nearly impossible.

You might feel hungry between meals, so bring non perishable snack items along with a water bottle – maybe extra for your partner or husband.

For colder conditions, be sure to pack a heavy jacket or even a snowsuit.

Baptist Health has professional photographers who come in and offer specialty pictures with you and your baby in the room.

Pick a day that you have some free time and prepare the essentials.

Every person varies on what they may consider to be ‘essential,’ but at Baptist Health we hope that this list helps remind you of a few important items you may need in order to make yourself feel comfortable, confident and ready to take on labor.

This tends to cause a lot of bleeding and even more guilt from the parents.

Therefore, putting the mittens or socks on your baby’s hands will prevent scratches on their face.

Keep your baby’s feet warm with socks or booties, and mittens. Newborns have fingernails and they often scratch their face very easily immediately after birth.As your delivery date starts to approach, you will probably have many questions. Baptist Health recommends preparing a hospital bag during your 8th month of pregnancy, as it is possible that you could go into labor any time after the 8th month. Will I be hungry while waiting in the delivery room? Whether the big day comes as planned, or unexpectedly, you will want to make sure you’re fully prepared and have everything you need for a hasty exit out of the house and into the car.Plan ahead so that you have someone who can pick them up from school or the house to ensure their safety while you are laboring.Often moms stress the most about who to call since they are stuck at the hospital.

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Their nails are very soft while in utero, once delivered they begin to harden.

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