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The Kinsey Institute repurposes and discusses 2017 data from the CDC, which says the average age of “first intercourse” (more on what that means later) in men is 16.8, while women, on average, have intercourse for the first time at 17.2.The Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health corroborates this data, though it simplifies the number and says most Americans, as we did in the 1960s, first have sex around age 18.Because the average age of virginity loss has pretty much stayed the same across generations (17-18), that means our parents and grandparents were fucking around like rabbits for three or so years before cooling off, whereas, on average, we tend to take our time committing to anyone, and we have a whole lot of casual sexual If you’ve read all this and you’re comfortable with “virginity” being an increasingly dubious term, but you’re still concerned about your place in the sexy-human data set, there are a couple concrete ways to quantify your experience.has two handy calculators to determine whether your number of sexual partners is above average, and whether you have sex as often as your peers do.In 2015, a study by San Diego State University determined that Generation X and Baby Boomers tended to cram in more sexual partners before getting married at an earlier age than millennials do, although the millennial generation doesn’t tend to put the same constraints on itself as far as young marriage.

So among Americans, when and how do most people lose their virginities?

Unlike previous generations, however, we don’t tend to marry the first person we have sex with, and we continue having sex at varying rates until our late twenties, when the majority of young Americans who get married decide to do so.

Of course, these statistics are based on a heteronormative (and many would say misogynist) definition of virginity.

The answer, as with most things sexual, is complicated.

We can begin, as most discussions of sex in America do, with data from the Kinsey Institute.

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