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I'd been on a few incredibly awkward dates, but none had developed beyond that.I was good friends with a core group of people at work; we'd go to happy hours and do things on the weekends.It was in that music group that I met Glen.* We were friends at first, but what I loved was that he totally met me on my level. I researched it online, and I brought it up with my therapist, who was hesitant with labels. We were watching movies, and I was like, I know this is the night that something should happen. My heart was hammering, and I told him: "I think I'm asexual." "I am, too," he responded. Because we were in a relationship, we figured we should at least try having sex and thought that maybe if we did it, the feelings would follow.With other men, I always felt this pressure, like, OK, we're having fun talking now, but what will happen if he wants to kiss me? But it never felt right—not that we were expecting fireworks; we sort of approached it from a scientific point of view—so we gave it up pretty quickly.We used ovulation prediction kits and had a "just get it done" mentality.

I wish I'd known asexuality was a thing when I was younger.Realizing that it was OK to not want a relationship was so incredibly freeing.So I began following my passions, including signing up for a 50-mile bike race and pursuing choral music. And after that, it was just understood that we were together.But does a person who never eats pizza have a less-great life? If they've tried it and decide for themselves they don't like it, what's the harm?MORE: 7 Reasons You're Tired All The Time We did have sex when we decided to conceive our baby.

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  1. “[I've learned about] being open with my sexuality, knowing my body better, what works and what doesn’t — and that can make for some crazy sex.”For Jackson, however, having as much sex as he does for work can lead to avoiding sex with his long-term romantic partner.“It’s a lot of hard work.