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However, only 40 sites in the world have been found that are suitable because there must be a five meter difference between high and low tides.

There are two types of tidal power stations: the first is built across an estuary and looks similar to a dam.

In addition, the net potential for both wave and tidal power is greater than wind and solar because water is 850 times denser than wind, which pushes the turbines faster, according to the Ocean Energy Council (OEC).

Also, because many cities are situated in port areas, the power can be used right where it is needed.

The second part of the article will look at small hydro and why it is the best option for Pakistan at this time.

Wave and tidal power are good technologies; however, the benefits of small hydro are much greater, especially for Pakistan’s developing economy.

This is important because, as electricity moves through transmission systems, some of the power is lost and cannot be recovered.

This project began producing power in November 2000 and provides enough power for 400 homes, according to Nayyer Alam Zaigham, Professor & Director, Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi.

These sources include wave and tidal power in addition to small hydro.

In China and India, small hydro is quite popular and there are also a few projects in Pakistan; however, the government could do much more to promote water power.

Inside the dam, there are tunnels that the water passes through. The other type of tidal power station looks like underwater wind turbines, but the size is usually limited to 25 to 50 megawatts (MW), according to the Pembina Institute which works to advance sustainable energy solutions in Canada.

The largest tidal power station was built in northern France in 1966 and it produces 240 MW of electricity. A 40 MW wave power station, which is being proposed off the coast of Cornwall, England, will save 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide over 25 years.

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