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“It’s really candid lines and I think anyone can say they’ve felt that way and they’re tired of that, too.

But it’s loud and it’s abrasive and bratty and fun,” he said.

The alternative rock band Neon Trees had a big 2010 hit with this infectious dance-rock tune that is all over the airwaves.

Doug Adams' driving arrangement will become a huge hit with your students.

He said Glenn would get inspiration from all of the different places they were visiting around the country and the world. We all respect each other’s musicality, whether one person comes up with a whole skeleton of the song first or we come up with it together, we’re all going to be adding what we feel we need to it,” Allen said.

Getting personal Glenn started writing songs for “Picture Show” not long after the spring 2010 release of “Habits.” However, Glenn said a lot of the lyrical content on the album stems back to being 17 and 18 years old, particularly the song “Close to You,” inspired by his high-school girlfriend.

Despite the accolades and success, especially that of mega-hit “Animal,” which still gets regular rotation on the airwaves, the members of Neon Trees still want to prove themselves. We don’t think of ourselves as these elder statesmen that expect things because anything can change at any moment,” Glenn said in a telephone interview in April.

I didn’t mean that in a sexual way, I meant it as since I was 12, I’ve been called that name because I dressed different and liked different music and hung out with different people.“I was really happy with a lot of the lyrical content and I can see how he’s grown as a lyricist.The flow of the songs and the poetry has just gotten better,” Allen said.The band’s résumé now includes two platinum-selling singles with 2010’s “Animal” and 2012’s “Everybody Talks,” from two major-label albums, not to mention the countless TV appearances on everything from “Live!With Regis and Kelly” to “The Tonight Show.” Then there’s the band’s live show, growing a legion of “Mainiacs” (the preferred nomenclature for Neon Trees die-hard fans) on their own tours, opening for Duran Duran last fall and making the rounds on the festival circuit, including a performance at the 2011 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

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