An instructional design approach to updating an online course curriculum dating dating lucah

If the curriculum were brought in by the administrators, outside experts, etc., the effectiveness of the program was considered to be negligible.It is important to note the statistical results indicated the effectiveness rate was considerably higher when the curriculum was reviewed, rewritten, and established by practitioners directly using the program.While selection of the participants was done by random assignment, final designation of respondents was at the discretion of the building level administrators.An area that did appear to have strong significance was the in-service training component.In fact, statistical data were strongly substantiated by the focus groups responses which portrayed the reason for project success or failure as the periodic (weekly or monthly) meetings (or lack thereof) on the revision processes.Personal ownership within the curriculum revision process was vital.A large majority of the respondents indicated that the teaching methods used at the conclusion of the revision projects did not significantly alter, if at all, the processes and information related through classroom instruction.The single day, or even two or three day training sessions are not effective.

Since it is obvious that education will continue to change and curriculum will perpetually be altered, this information is of vital importance regarding principles for principals and effective curriculum revision.The results of this study indicated that combined with number one above, the revision process, training, conversations, and review, must be long-term and periodic.Teachers indicated that identify, revise, experience, and review would be a much more effective method of actually revising the taught curriculum than the method commonly used of revising and moving on.Overwhelmingly, districts provided in-service training, and respondents considered this an essential element in the success of a curriculum revision project.Teachers and principals both agreed that the traditional one-shot in-service program was inadequate.

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This section deals with creating effective instruction through careful planning and wise curricular choices.

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