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Some of them use tools like Google Translate to convert content from this site to their own language.

To make life easier for readers from abroad, I will start an experiment: writing blogposts in English. One out of five people in The Netherlands had a relationship that started online.

This lead to requests for a similar guide on the differences between Dutch and Russian men.

As the stated purpose of my blog is to inform, educate, and entertain, of course I had no …

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are less popular places to find a partner (7.6%), but are getting more . As you can read in my book, social media increasingly often play an important role in the dating and mating process of Dutch singles. Facebook is used by 60% of all people in The Netherlands and they spend more time watching the blue-white social network than any other site.

The perceived threshold to approach someone interesting with a personal message or wallpost is relatively low on Facebook.

Also, 16 percent said they met someone they’ve been in a relationship with online, they were in their current relationship.According to my Google Analytics stats of last month, almost 20% of visits was from outside The Netherlands or Belgium.People from overseas have let me know they are interested in the online dating market in Europe, and specifically The Netherlands.In total, 21% of all people in a relationship met their current and/or a previous partner on a dating site.Sites like,,, and many others are most popular to find a partner online, the research tells us.

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While waiting for a tram, she saw the man of her dreams, …

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