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Sometimes I feel useless because I’m not an expert on the science or the policy surrounding the issue.Writing this album with Jesse was a way to process some of that pent up frustration. Hope you’ve all had a great year so far and are enjoying the energy of things growing around us again…A lot has been growing so far this year here in my little Nashville studio…

do you abandon your homeland and the spaces that define your heritage or do you try to preserve your culture in spite of your land literally disappearing before your eyes?According to a State Department profile of her, Eadeh is a career member of the foreign service who has previously been stationed in China, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.Joshua Wong and other members of Demosisto she was photographed meeting have previously met publicly with US officials including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Marco Rubio.It seems likely that that the same questions facing these villages will soon be confronting some of our biggest coastal cities as well, such as the one where my family lives.It is painful to imagine having to make these life-altering decisions about my own home and loved ones.

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