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- You unintentionally crashed you ship into another ship but not all is bad as this ship is fully of super hot women. The War Has Just Begun: The end of Moonlit Lovers is reasonably much this.The Battlestar: The Elsior and Luxiole mostly attend to as carriers for the Emblem Frames, but are pretty capable combatants in their own right. So this was kind of a nifty " GAME " the " GRAPHICS " are really acute looking and I like the music you had in this it was a nice touch indeed, some actually good choices of clicking hither and there a fun game indeed, Couldnt figure away the save option that should be made easier, anyways good game.These games filled with pure fun, lewd stuff and interesting challenges, were making my day complete. Non certain, but I think I started to learn AS back then because I wanted to cause something like that myself( yet bought a couple of MX books), but ended up as a flash developer as a job( lol).I honestly miss that, because it was unsubdivided, lewd and good.

In the 3rd game, Eternal Lovers, Noah reports that both Lushati and Wein have stolen GA-007 and the Chrono Break Cannon, which briefly will cause the player think that both Lushati and Wein are evil, and our heroes have to cook themselves to face both siblings of EDEN.At the aesculapian lab, 10 percent is free but you turn a loss three hours, and it costs$ 100 on Transvaal. While you will necessarily end upwards taking the position, playing this Trope straight, the amount of times you try to resist will experience an effect on the girls Relationship Values.Link to the Game 100% Completion: Aside from the regular storyline CGs and those that you have to get to proceed through a girl's route, there are a few extra CGs that you experience to shape a little harder to get. To complicate: Ranpha, Forte and Vanilla will be impressed by your dutifulness if you say " yes " the first time or if you refuse only once.Help out other players on the PC by adding a cheat or secret that you know! fuckthecredits 2018-01-15 Your ship has crashed and you are rescued onto a ship full of girls! Your ship has crashed and you experience been rescued! You are away in galaxy, and are trying to get with the galaxy angel. ) Nano-Nano Pudding from Galaxy Angel II is in reality a nanomachine colony given human( or rather, humanoid) form.The Real Remington Steele: Happens with the character of Noah.

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