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If she agrees to this meeting, you are well on your way to being able to have a heart-to-heart discussion with her. ESTABLISH COMMON GROUND AND ADDRESS HER OBJECTIONS.A good way to start your meeting with your daughter is to ask her what she sees in this young man that has captured her interest in him and his religion.Once you’ve established the common ground of what God has to say about a Christian dating and marrying an unbeliever, and she has agreed with the fact that she should not put her LDS boyfriend in front of her relationship with God, you need to be prepared for a couple of common objections she may raise.OBJECTION #1: YOUR DAUGHTER IS MISSIONARY DATING: Your daughter may say something like, “I know he doesn’t believe exactly like we do, but he’s open to discussing religion and I’m trying to help him see the truth of my faith.” A few questions in response may help her put this idea in proper perspective.MAINTAIN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR DAUGHTER.We have found that the strength of the emotional bond between the teenage/young adult and parents has a significant bearing on how responsive the young person is to parental input.What makes these situations more difficult than others is the emotional element that physical attraction and teenage/young adult insecurity plays into the equation.When the emotions get involved as they do in a dating relationship, it is difficult for anyone to make objective decisions.

Let her know that your hope is that this meeting would be a time for honest communication, where you and she can discuss the implications of her choices in an atmosphere of mutual respect.Ask her for a couple hours of uninterrupted time where you and she can sit down and discuss these matters, apart from the presence of her LDS boyfriend or Mormon friends.Let her know that at this meeting, you desire to hear her side of the issue, not what her boyfriend thinks, but what she thinks.How would it affect your ability to teach your children about God?Why does God warn against being “bound together” with an unbeliever?

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